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Tesla Model 3 will be the No.1 Best-Selling vehicle in the Netherlands in Q4 2019

Tesla Model 3 will be the No.1 Best-Selling vehicle in the Netherlands in Q4 2019

As soon as the Tesla Model 3 became available for order in Europe, it began to gain very high sales volumes. Tesla's sales skyrocketed in Europe as the automaker introduced Model 3 in key markets such as the Netherlands, Norway and Germany, starting in February. Tesla currently has a high market share for electric vehicles, driven by the number of electric vehicles.

At the moment, for Tesla Model 3, the Netherlands has become the largest market in Europe. Influenced by Model 3, the Netherlands overtook Norway as Europe's largest market for Tesla. In the first 11 months of this year, Tesla sold 18,460 electric vehicles in the Netherlands, compared with 17,403 in Norway, according to vehicle registration information.

According to sources, Tesla plans to deliver 10,000 to 13,000 their electric cars in the Netherlands in December, well above the previous month.

According to kentekenradar, there are currently 27,348 Tesla Model 3 registered in the Netherlands. Of these, 9,442 are registered in December. This was a record month in terms of deliveries in history. In general, December, for Model 3 in the Netherlands turned out to be very rich in records. Almost every day, a record-high quantity of vehicles was delivered. And on December 27, a record number of Model 3 was delivered this month - 711 units.

Source: kentekenradar

Egbert Dijkstra, Managing Partner of Deltiq Group, a Netherlands-based information technology specialist, shared data on his Twitter account. These data give us an understanding of the current situation in the automotive market in the Netherlands. As of December 25, in the 4Q of 2019, the undisputed sales leaders in the Netherlands are: first place is VW, which sold 13,580 units of its products and second place is Tesla, with 13,504 units sold.

Now, let's spend a few seconds of our time to see how many Tesla was registered on December 26 and 27. According to information from Morten Grove/Twitter, these are 735 units. Of which Model 3: 711 units, Model S: 9, Model X: 15. I very much doubt that VW will be able to repeat this.

Therefore, without exaggeration, we can say that Tesla will undoubtedly become a best-selling car in the Netherlands in the 4Q 2019.

In addition to everything, respectively, with a source familiar with this topic, all the remaining Model 3s, which has already been delivered to the Netherlands, will be sold to a large lease company on December 31. Thus, absolutely all Tesla Model 3 delivered to the Netherlands will be sold by the end of Q4 2019.

As expected, everything is going according to the plan of Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk.

Featured image: Professeur Tournesol / Twitter

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