Tesla Model 3s Wrapped in Hot New Colors Spotted at Giga Shanghai

Tesla Model 3s Wrapped in Hot New Colors Spotted at Giga Shanghai

Photo: Jason Yang/YouTube | u/dashingtomars/Reddit

Tesla is very popular with consumers all over the world. The company produces its cars only in classic colors, but in the modern world, people are increasingly striving to stand out and emphasize their style with a special car wrapping. Model 3s wrapped in different colors were spotted at Giga Shanghai preparing for delivery.

Tesla is committed to satisfying its customers in China and has probably started to provide them with a special, unique service. A recent video by Jason Yang/YouTube caught several Tesla vehicles parked in Giga Shanghai's parking lot that had absolutely new and unusual colors. The camera spotted pink, turquoise, mint, blue, cyan, green, orange, and lavender Model 3s. This footage was first noticed by Reddit user u/dashingtomars.

This observation is truly unusual, and this is the first time such colors have been seen on Tesla vehicles from factories. However, this has an explanation. In August 2020, Tesla China announced an official wrapping service in the country to make its vehicles even cooler for customers. At that time, this service was offered in five major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Suzhou with a gradual launch in other cities in China.

Tesla announced at the time that there would be many different colors available, although exact colors had not been specified, nor other details given. Now, from the video, we can see that the cars are wrapped directly at Giga Shanghai, after which they are sent to delivery centers where the client receives them. In addition, now we also have an idea of ​​what colors the manufacturer offers.

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