Tesla Model S 3 X Y Ranked Top 4 Of The 10 EVs With Best Ranges in 2020

Tesla Model S 3 X Y Ranked Top 4 Of The 10 EVs With Best Ranges in 2020

The range of an electric car is one of the most important criteria, because the more it is, the freer the owner can feel himself. All Tesla cars have the longest range, making them the winners of the first four places in the Electric Vehicles With Best Range in 2020 competition.

The Canadian edition Motor Illustrate has chosen 10 Electric Vehicles With Best Range. Here are the 10 vehicles that offer you the most electric freedom when fully charged.

1 - Tesla Model S Long Range Plus
The Tesla Model S is the best electric car with the longest range at 402 miles. As mentioned, it’s the one that’s targeted by everyone as the enemy to kill. It’s also the one that allowed Tesla to become what it is today, even if it was another model, the Roadster, that paved the way for it.

2 - Tesla Model X Long Range Plus
The Model X is another that has contributed to the success of the brand. This uniquely styled SUV with its rear falcon wings doors offers 564 kilometers (351 miles) of freedom, again in the extended-range version. In the worst-case scenario with the Model X, the base version still offers 491 kilometers (305 miles).

3 - Tesla Model Y Long Range
The Model Y is Tesla’s next big thing. The compact SUV going to offer the most range in the segment, 509 kilometers, or 316 miles.

4 - Tesla Model 3 Long Range
Finally, the fourth Tesla product that dominates the market is the Model 3 sedan. It offers, at best, 518 kilometers (322 miles) of freedom with, you guessed it, the extended-range version. The base model offers 402 km (250 miles), which puts it on par with competing models from generic manufacturers.

5 - Ford Mustang Mach E California Route 1, which can cover 475 kilometers (300 miles).

6 - Porsche Taycan 4S. Motor Illustrate writes that in fact, it’s the new 4S version that offers the best result at 327 kilometers (203 miles), but tests conducted by numerous media outlets put the capacity at something around 450 kilometers, or 280 miles. That is why they put the car in 6th place, though ...

7 - Polestar 2 offers 442 kilometers (275 miles), but this remains to be verified.

8 - Chevrolet Bolt. The model’s range, which had been 383 kilometers since its debut, was pushed to 417 (259 miles) with an increase in the size of the battery pack from 60 to 66 kWh.

9 - Hyundai Kona has a range of 415 kilometers (258 miles).

10 - Kia Niro can drive 385 kilometers (239 miles).

Looking at this list, the first thing you can pay attention to is that Tesla cars occupy 4 out of 10 positions. Moreover, they occupy precisely the first places, and this is not an accident.

For many years, the company has been attracting talented specialists who develop Tesla cars at the highest level. The automaker is a well-deserved leader in the industry and is trying to match this.

Tesla vehicles are known to have the highest energy efficiency of any EV built to date. The energy efficiency of Tesla vehicles will continue to improve further over time as company continue to improve their technology and powertrain efficiency.

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