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Tesla Model S/X Possible Refreshed BIWs Spotted at Fremont Factory

Tesla Model S/X Possible Refreshed BIWs Spotted at Fremont Factory

Photos: Gabeincal/YouTube

The year 2021 has a certain mystery and joy that Tesla has given to its customers, as the production of the refreshed Model Y and Model 3 has begun this year. In addition to this, it seems that production of the first refreshed Model S and/or Model X has already begun, and they will deliver very soon, as their bodies in white (BIW) have already been seen in the Fremont factory.

Twitter user @davidzhao365 recently ordered a Model S. Tesla told him that his vehicle would deliver in March, which is hinting that he would receive a refreshed vehicle.

In mid-December, a leaked email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the Model S/X production line in Fremont, California would be shut down for 18 days. At that point, the alleged reason for this was that Tesla wanted to make improvements to these models and refresh them, which seems to make a lot of sense. Various sources confirm that the company will produce refreshed Model S and Model X.

Now, three mysterious covered cars have been spotted by Gabeincal/YouTube at the Fremont factory. In fact, it is very difficult to see and identify well which models these are. However, on the outside, they look massive and look more like a Model S or X body, and not like their more compact siblings, Model Y and 3. It should also be noted that Tesla could do a facelift for older models, which means that changes may affect not only the interior, functionality, and performance but also the appearance of the car, which can further complicate its identification.

On closer inspection, you can see that the cover sags in the area of ​​the windows and roof, which suggests that it is just a car frame or a body in white (BIW). However, Tesla should soon begin to deliver the first refreshed Model S, which should shed a little more light on current speculation.

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