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Tesla Model Y 1,000 lbs Cargo Load Capacity Stress Test

Tesla Model Y 1,000 lbs Cargo Load Capacity Stress Test

Featured image: DÆrik / YouTube

Each car has restrictions on the permissible mass of the transported cargo. Cargo capabilities of crossovers are small. Usually, they are regulated by international standards and are valid for almost all manufacturers. American auto manufacturers, in particular, indicate this information based on the volume of cargo. But there are situations when you need to transport not bulk cargo, but heavy.

If this information is not indicated in the technical data, then you can find out the load capacity of the vehicle using a simple mathematical operation. We look at the technical data “Gross Weight” and subtract the so-called “curb weight” from the figures given. As a result, we get the payload. The payload already includes the estimated passenger weight. Thus, it must be borne in mind that 5 passengers in the cabin with an average weight of 176 lbs together will weigh 880 lbs, which will make up most of the car's carrying capacity.

DÆrik / YouTube conducted a stress test of the load capacity of his Model Y, as he needed to transfer not bulk, but a very heavy cargo. As you understand, the car's carrying capacity is a very important indicator.

Tesla in the technical documentation indicates that the load limit for the Model Y is 285 lbs. But, Erik goes to choose a tile for a bathroom, therefore he should not count on the fact that its weight will make about 285 lbs.

Source: DÆrik / YouTube

Erik estimates that the weight of the tile will be 600-700 lbs, which is more than double the permissible load limit. While the tiles in the store were loaded into Model Y, he kept the rear arch of the car under control, so that the wheel would not touch it. Making sure that the body of the car does not touch the wheel, Erik drove home. It should be noted that he was very careful on the road and drove at a speed of 30 mph.

As a result, it turned out that Model Y carried a weight of 971 lbs!, which is more than three times its load limit. This is an amazing result!

This is how rear arches of a car look when it is not loaded:

Source: DÆrik / YouTube

This is how the rear arches of the car looked when it was loaded with almost 1,000 lbs:

Source: DÆrik / YouTube

This experiment shows that your Model Y will cope with the transportation of very heavy loads. It should be noted that Erik was in the car himself, therefore, he had no significant effect on the total weight.

This risky stress test demonstrated the potential of Model Y, as a car capable of carrying heavy loads, if there is an urgent need for it, however, we recommend you to comply with the requirements of the automaker and not significantly exceed the maximum allowable load limit.


Thanks to DÆrik / Twitter for a very interesting test and video.

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