Tesla Model Y Converted to Police Cruisers at the Logan Police Department, Ohio

Tesla Model Y Converted to Police Cruisers at the Logan Police Department, Ohio

Tesla Model Y has been converted into Police Cruisers at the Logan Police Department, Ohio. The new electric vehicles, which will help save thousands of taxpayers' dollars, will be delivered in two weeks.

Logan city officials in southeastern Ohio met on February 11 to discuss vehicle upgrades for the Logan Police Department. Tesla Model Y was selected to serve in the Logan Police Department. The city expects the cars to arrive in the next two weeks. “Logan is the first city in southeast Ohio getting Teslas,” Mayor Greg Fraunfelter told The Logan Daily News.

Fraunfelter said the city council expects the Teslas to help save money by saving on gas and maintenance. The mayor is in talks with the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) to locate a charging station for electric vehicles. Due to the fact that charging stations differ in both cost and efficiency, their location and type will be determined later.

The council also passed Resolution No. 3, 2021 under which the Logan Police Department will receive three more new police cruisers, Fraunfelter said.

The use of Tesla cars as police cars is becoming increasingly commonplace since it fully meets the expectations for the reliability of the police vehicles and has a number of significant advantages in comparison with cars with internal combustion engines. Most importantly, EVs are environmentally friendly, which helps cities and states meet their carbon emissions targets. In parallel with this, they bring significant savings in charging and maintenance.

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