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Tesla Model Y Performance Deliveries May Begin As Early As Next Month

by Claribelle Deveza January 21, 2020


Tesla Model Y deliveries were reportedly confirmed to a reservation holder by an employee working for the EV automaker. The Model Y's imminent deliveries have been hinted at for the last couple of weeks of January.

First, news that the Model Y received its CARB Certification broke and revealed some interesting information about the vehicle's range. Then, VINs for Tesla's all-electric crossover were sighted in the NHTSA database

Reservation holder for a Model Y Long Range AWD, u/Quaf4, shared the news about the next month's deliveries via the r/TeslaLounge subreddit. The post was shared by Tesletter on Twitter.

Based on u/Quaf4's Reddit post, deliveries for the Model Y Performance variant are expected to start next month, while handovers for the Model Y Long Range AWD version is scheduled for March or April of 2020.

"I just received a phone call from an employee at Tesla Oakville, ON who was calling to guide me through the upcoming delivery process for my Model Y. I asked when to expect delivery and he told me that the Performance variant will start deliveries next month and that I could expect my LR AWD in March/April," wrote u/Quaf4 in his post.

Coincidentally, the Model Y reservation holder had just posted about his impatience with Tesla's crossover deliveries. So it seems that the EV automaker does keep track of some individual customer concerns--or at least tries to anyway.

Interestingly enough, u/Quaf4's Model Y will be delivered in Canada where he seems to reside. This indicates that Tesla Model Y deliveries for Canada and the United States may be simultaneous. This is also a bit of a departure from Tesla's strategy with the Model 3, which was released to the United States first before Canada. 

Model Y production was initially expected to start in late Fall 2020 as announced by Elon Musk during the vehicle's unveiling. However, Tesla has moved the date forward to Summer 2020 during its Q3 2019 Update Letter.

Tesla Model Y production will start in the Fremont factory first, followed by Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai China, then Gigafactory 4 in Brandenburg. The Model Y is expected to outsell Tesla’s Models S, 3, and X combined, which may be why the next-gen carmaker will be making it in three different factories strategically placed worldwide.

Featured Image Credit: @ajtourville/Twitter

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