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Sandy Munro Finds Fun 'Octovalve' Tesla Model Y Easter Egg During Teardown


Sandy Munro found a fun "Octovalve" Tesla Model Y Easter Egg during his ongoing teardown of the all-electric crossover. The Octovalve appears to be the successor to the Model 3's "Superbottle," a thermal management system that was groundbreaking in its own right. 

Sandy Munro teased a closer look into the Model Y’s Octovalve a couple of days ago. “The Tesla Model 3 had the Ingenious ‘Superbottle’ at the heart of its thermal management system; we are excited to dig into the new ‘Octovalve.’ Stay tuned for more,” said the expert auto consultant’s website under a picture of Tesla’s Octovalve.

Sandy Munro hasn’t released his video of the Model Y’s Octovalve yet. However, recently shared pictures hint that the Octovalve has probably been one of the more fun parts of his Model Y teardown.

Munro found another fun Easter Egg left for him when he looked into Tesla’s Octovalve closer. It was a picture of an octopus with a snowflake printed onto its head.

Credit: Munrolive.com

During Munro’s Model 3 teardown, he found a picture of a literal Tesla Super Bottle—cape, muscles, and all—which ended up being an instrumental component in Tesla’s cooling system.

According to Jalopnik, Tesla’s Super Bottle was different from typical automotive cooling circuits. A basic cooling circuit is usually made up of one bottle filled with coolant, a pump, hoses, heat exchangers, and sometimes a valve.

Each component is typically individually packaged. However, Tesla applied a different approach with the Model 3. In comparison, the Super Bottle in the Tesla Model 3 contains more than the coolant. It also holds two pumps, one heat exchanger, and a coolant control valve.

In the Model 3, the Super Bottle keeps the battery, drive unit, and power electronics, cool, according to Munro. It is the center of the Model 3’s cooling system.

Credit: @seanmmitchell/Twitter

If the Super Bottle was “super” because of the numbers components it held, the Octovalve’s octopus character could be a hint of the multiple roles it plays in the Model Y. One major difference in Tesla’s SUV is its heat pump, which pushes cold air out of the car to heat the cabin and other parts of the vehicle.

Since the Super Bottle was the hub of the Model 3’s cooling system, it’s highly probable that the Octovalve takes part in the Model Y heat pump’s role. If Sandy Munro’s Octovalve teardown reveals a connection to the vehicle's heat pump, it may be his most interesting video about his Model Y teardown yet.

Featured Image Credit: damightyj/Instagram

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