Tesla Offers Roof Rack And Tow Hitch For Model Y As An Option

by Eva Fox April 10, 2020

Tesla Offers Roof Rack And Tow Hitch For Model Y  As An Option

Now you can make the Tesla Model Y more suitable for transporting load by buying tow hitch and a roof rack in the car manufacturer’s online store

Gradually, SUVs become the most popular type of car body, and this happens for a reason. SUVs are quite versatile, as they can comfortably ride both on asphalt roads and on dirt roads, having a higher clearance and cross-country ability than sedans. In addition, they are usually large and have the ability to haul or carry heavy loads. It is these characteristics that make SUVs especially attractive for those who like to travel or like to actively relax in nature.

During testing, we saw Model Y with a roof rack and tow hitch, which hinted that these options would be available, but at that moment no one knew for sure. The first consumers to whom the car was delivered confirmed that there is a removable cover in the rear bumper, behind which tow hitch could very likely be installed, but was never found there.

Now, as an option, in the Tesla online configurator, customers can add tow hitch for their Model Y, and the roof rack can be ordered in the Tesla store. The tow hitch costs $1,000, and the roof rack can be installed for $450.

Source: Tesla

The towing capacity for the tow hitch will be 3,500 lbs, which is classified as Class II. This will allow transporting not only trailers with bicycles, a motorcycle, a small boat or things, but even a small travel trailer.

At the moment it is not known whether the tow hitch option will be available as retrofit for existing vehicles after delivery, but it can be added to current orders that have not yet been completed. Most likely later, those who have already received their cars will be able to install new available options.

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