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Tesla Model Y Joins Leawood PD Fleet in Kansas, the Clear Economical Choice Compared to ICE Cars

Tesla Model Y Joins Leawood PD Fleet in Kansas, the Clear Economical Choice Compared to ICE Cars

Photo: Leawood Police Department

Tesla Model Y has been added to the Leawood Police Department fleet as it is drastically economical compared to ICE cars. The conclusion was made after a thorough review of information and experience from other police departments in the country.

This week, the Leawood, Police Department in Kansas received a great addition. An electric compact SUV, the Tesla Model Y, has been added to its fleet of patrol cars, according to KCTV. They expect the Tesla to have a four-year lifespan, which they claim is a year longer than the Ford Explorer it replaced. However, the experience of using the car by other police stations showed that Tesla cars are capable of more.

The department said they began considering the idea of ​​adding an electric vehicle to their fleet in 2021. Prior to that, they had explored adding hybrid vehicles to their fleet but had not received very good reviews. At the same time, feedback on the use of the Tesla electric cars from about 10 police departments turned out to be excellent.

There was also a cost comparison done in 2021 that showed that the current Ford Explorer Patrol SUV would have cost them about $4,500 a year. At the time, the city could get gasoline for $1.75 a gallon. Meanwhile, Tesla would cost $648 a year in electricity costs. This figure was based on the 2021 cost of $0.08 per kilowatt-hour. After submitting all the data to the city council, a unanimous decision was made to buy a Tesla car for the police department. Obviously, now the cost savings on charging, compared to refueling a car with an internal combustion engine, has become even more enormous and Leawood PD is extremely pleased with its purchase.

“I think electric vehicles are going to be the future and this is going to be a good foundation for us,” Captain Yoder said.

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