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Tesla Model Y HEPA Filter & Bioweapon Defense Mode Keep Your Cabin Air Clean, Video Demonstrates

Tesla Model Y HEPA Filter & Bioweapon Defense Mode Keep Your Cabin Air Clean, Video Demonstrates

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The Tesla HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode have repeatedly proven their usefulness and even vital necessity. New tests by Tesla with the filter installed in a Model Y demonstrate that it is keeping your cabin air clean.

On Tuesday, Tesla released a new educational video on its YouTube channel showing off its HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode, which are able to keep the cabin air clean by capturing almost all contaminants. For the test, the Tesla team used a Model Y with a HEPA filter and another car (BMW) that has a standard filter. Both cars were placed in a large inflatable bubble, into which, through a special pipe, air contaminated with smoke grenades was supplied.

In just a few seconds, the interior of the BMW began to fill with thick red smoke, indicating that the standard filters had completely failed to do the job. The colored air also showed how much polluted air actually enters the car during daily use, especially in large polluted cities.

Meanwhile, the air in the interior of the Model Y remained clean and fresh. During the inspection of the filter, it was seen that its inside was completely contaminated, as it effectively captured contaminated and red-colored particles. At the same time, the part that was closest to the cabin had no visible dirt, which indicated that the filters were working perfectly.

Air quality in big cities is of very poor quality, which causes health problems for people. The HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode can significantly improve the quality of life for owners. The principle of operation of Bioweapon Defense Mode is simple: it uses a HEPA filter to condition the air inside the vehicle.

HEPA is a high-performance molecular air filter whose efficiency can reach more than 99.97%, which allows to effectively filter pollutants such as smoke, dust, and bacteria. The stronger the filterability, the smaller the air per intake unit area. To ensure adequate air supply, the Tesla HEPA filter element is very large.


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