Tesla Model Y Receives Updated Center Console in Feb 9 Build

Tesla Model Y Receives Updated Center Console in Feb 9 Build

Photos: joeinsac/Tesla Motors Club

Along with some great updates, Tesla had previously refreshed the Model 3's center console, which was a welcome upgrade that delighted consumers. Now the company has refreshed the Model Y's center console too.

Tesla Motors Club user joeinsac shared photos of Model Y, which was spotted at the Rocklin showroom. He wrote that there were several of the same SUVs awaiting delivery. According to the information, these cars were produced using new technologies and for North America. The MFG (Manufacturing) date of the vehicle is 02/09/2021.

The main change noticed was the center console. The color and finish of the new center console are now matte, which is more practical for everyday use. The matte finish is easier to care for and looks cleaner, even after multiple touches.

The center console also received a design change. There is now a slide-out door that slides into the housing, which sits (after opening) under the central infotainment screen and wireless charging station. A light push on the front of the cover automatically slides the cover back to close the storage compartment out of sight. This design is more comfortable than with the earlier Model Y, providing easier access to the compartment.

So far, it seems that the steering wheel of these cars is unchanged--that is, without heating, although it is difficult to say for sure due to the protective coating. Other than that, these Model Ys don't have the updated headlights.

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