Tesla Model Y Review By Marques Brownlee, Explains Why It’s The Most Important Vehicle Yet

Tesla Model Y Review By Marques Brownlee, Explains Why It’s The Most Important Vehicle Yet

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A recent Tesla Model Y review from prolific YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee has explained why the all-electric crossover is the company’s most important vehicle yet. In his segment with the Model Y, the MKBHD noted that the vehicle could very well tick most of the boxes for consumers looking into buying an EV. That being said, the Model Y still has its room for improvement. 

In his review, Brownlee, better known by his YouTube alias “MKBHD,” emphasized that the Model Y is very similar to a Model 3. This is especially evident in the vehicle’s interior, which looks all but identical to its sibling save for its roofline. That being said, the Model Y is a large vehicle through and through, and despite its svelte appearance, it is an EV that boasts a lot of utility. 

One thing that should be noted with the Model Y, particularly its Performance trim, is that its ride is quite firm thanks to its coil suspension. Despite this, the Model Y drives very well, and it behaves a lot like a sports car regardless of its size. And being a Tesla, the vehicle is also loaded to the brim with tech, from its Autopilot suite to its Full Self-Driving system.  

Nevertheless, the Model Y is not a perfect vehicle. The YouTube tech reviewer remarked that rear visibility is quite limited due to the crossover’s sloping roofline, and early production units such as the Model Y Performance given for the review still had build quality issues. Hopefully, these challenges could be addressed by Tesla soon, especially considering that the Model Y is still a premium electric vehicle. 

Yet despite factors that could be considered its flaws, the Model Y is arguably Tesla’s most important vehicle today. This is partly due to the fact that crossovers like the Model Y are simply preferable to a good portion of the mainstream car market. It’s fast, efficient, overflowing with tech, and it’s practical to boot. This makes the Model Y, in more ways than one, the most accessible Tesla in the company’s present lineup. 

No wonder Elon Musk believes that the Model Y could outsell the Model S, Model 3, and Model X combined

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