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Tesla Model Y spotted in the wild. Now we saw third row of seats [Video]

Tesla Model Y spotted in the wild. Now we saw third row of seats [Video]

Over the past few months, Tesla Model Y has been seen several times in the wild, which is a good sign. This means that there is an active pre-sale preparation and in just a few months, delivery of the Model Y to its owners will begin.

Previously, the first deliveries were planned for the fall of 2020, but later the delivery was postponed to the summer of 2020.

Several sources in Asia—where some Model Y suppliers are based—revealed that Tesla has asked to receive components for the all-electric crossover 6 months ahead of schedule. According to Taiwan Economic Daily, Tesla has recently alerted its suppliers in the country to prepare for Model Y mass production. Some investment websites in Taiwan, like 51jinke and Jin10, have already shared the news about the potential early Model Y production to their clients as well.

Last month, Model Y was spotted cruising on California Route 17 with several gauges that are most likely used to calibrate driver assistance functions.
Model Y was also spotted with "Wind Turbine" wheels, which were first demonstrated on the prototype Model 3 at the car’s opening ceremony.



On Thanksgiving, the Tesla Model Y was spotted on the Barst Supercharger, CA, USA with a combination of matte black window trim and Tesla signature chrome trim.

ChooChooSparky/Reddit was next to the Tesla Model Y, but he did not immediately understand what kind of model it was. “When I pulled up I thought 'Wow, they're serious about blacking it out to take a nap.' Then when he pulled off the cover and I saw the black model 3 style door handles, 'That's no regular Tesla SUV !! , ” - he noted.

“It actually looked like the chrome trim had tape wrapped all around it. A little part on the front door looked lifted up,” Redditor ChooChooSparky added.


Another Model Y spotted in the wild from r/teslamotors

“My wife and I were there when it was charging. They had the car completely covered and the guy driving it stayed in the car. I would have never noticed it was a model Y if they hadn’t started putting the cover on,” user Uofaer/Reddit wrote.

In a video posted to r/teslamotors, the Midnight Silver Metallic Model Y can be seen leaving the Barstow Supercharger station, a common stopping point between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and one of Tesla’s first fast-charging stations in Southern California. Noticeable is the Model 3-style door handles and “chrome deleted” matte black trim which made its first debut at the Tesla Model Y unveiling in early 2019. However, chrome trim was also present on the vehicle, a standard finish for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

About a day ago, a Tesla Model Y videos was posted on Twitter.


Video submitted by Twitter user Tesla in Canada. (Blue Tesla Model Y walk around video shows glimpse of third row seats)


The Model Y is equipped with a large hatch instead of a small trunk opening, it also has a large luggage compartment, which makes it possible to install a third row of seats. And this is what we see in the video. No one was able to see the third row of seat in the Tesla Model Y until this day.

Photo credit: Tesla Owners Online

The third row of seats is a great addition to the car.

Elon Musk expects the Tesla Model Y to outsell more than the Models S, 3, and X, combined because it fits in the mini SUV or CUV category, which has become incredibly popular in the auto market.

Featured image: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

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