Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD & 7 Seater Are Now Available to Order

Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD & 7 Seater Are Now Available to Order

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Tesla Model Y Standard Range and 7-seat versions are now available to order in the USA. This is welcome news as the Standard Range is an affordable car option that will allow more customers to purchase it, and the 7-seat Model Y has long been expected by those with larger families.

From the very beginning of 2021, Tesla has greatly delighted its customers by launching sales of the most affordable Model Y. The Standard Range version, with a range of 244 miles, will cost the buyer only $41,990 or $34,190 after potential savings.

A lot of customers are eager to get a cheaper Tesla variant, even with lower mileage. For the vast majority of people, the 244-mile range is more than enough for everyday driving, so the cost comes to the fore. This offer should significantly increase the influx of customers who would like to purchase a Tesla SUV at a lower price.

The second piece of great news was the launch of sales of the 7-seater Model Y, which the company's customers have long been expecting. Families with more than five members often have to buy ugly, gas-powered minivans. When it comes to an electric car for a large family, this issue becomes even more complicated. The Model X, although it can accommodate seven passengers, is expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

The optional third row of seats will cost customers just $3,000. Given the base cost of Model Y, this is a very good deal. For example, a 7-seat version of the Standard Range will cost its owner only $44,990 or $37,190 after potential savings.

The placement of the third row seats has raised a lot of questions and controversy in the Tesla community. The Model Y is much taller than the Model 3, so it was possible to fit the third row of seats in it. Tesla Daily/YouTube today posted leaked photos of the Model Y with the 3rd row of seats, which now gives us a clear understanding of exactly how they will be positioned.

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