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Tesla Model Y Added To Turo Fleet, Incentives Offered To Prospective Hosts


The Tesla Model Y has been added to Turo’s fleet and the company launched some incentives for prospective hosts. Turo is a rental car service which allows people to rent out their vehicles through an online rental platform.

Turo launched a Tesla Model Y incentive recently. According to the company’s website, car hosts are eligible to receive a US$250 earnings bonus if they added their Model Y to the Turo fleet. The qualifications for Turo’s Model Y incentives are:

  • Be based in the US
  • Be on the original recipient list of the email this message was sent in
  • Complete one or more trips with a value of $250 or more using their Tesla Model Y
  • Be willing to participate in press opportunities, including but not limited to: a photoshoot and interview

The incentives will be offered to the first 20 Model Y hosts who meet the qualifications. Turo claims that car hosts can earn an average of US$706 per month if they join the company fleet. It is unknown how many Turo hosts are Tesla owners. However, the company seems to be avid supporters of the EV automaker.

When Tesla’s Robotaxi fleet is deployed, it will adopt a similar business model as Turo. Tesla owners will be able to add their vehicles to the EV automaker’s fleet when they aren’t using it.

Tesla’s Robotaxi fleet will use the company Full Self-Driving suite, giving owners a source of passive income while their cars aren’t in use. Originally, Robotaxis were supposed to be deployed when FSD reached level 5 autonomy. However, Tesla has since hinted that the first batch of Robotaxis will probably have drivers present at the wheel.

Robotaxi drivers will be eligible for Tesla insurance, based on a question Elon Musk answered from retail shareholders during the Q4 2019 Earnings Call.

“Thank you. Second question from retail shareholders is: will you release the Tesla ride-hailing network app before full autonomy and change the terms of Tesla Insurance to allow owners to be drivers on the network,” Martin Viecha said, reading the question during the Earnings Call.

“Well, I think it’s -- probably will make sense to have like to enable car sharing in advance of the kind of sort of drive Robotaxi fleet because the car-sharing can be done before Full Self-Driving is approved by regulators. So it’s probably something that we would enable before sort of robotaxi fleet is enabled. And, it sounded like there were some other questions bundled in there,” Elon Musk said.

Featured Image Credit: Turo/Instagram

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