Tesla Model Y via Revel Rideshare Service Debuts on the Streets of New York City

Tesla Model Y via Revel Rideshare Service Debuts on the Streets of New York City

Photo: Adam/Twitter

After some difficulties, on August 2, the first Tesla Model Ys in the ridesharing service Revel debuted on the streets of New York City. A total of 50 Tesla electric vehicles will enter the streets of Manhattan.

Revel first announced plans to bring 50 Tesla Model Y electric vehicles to New York City streets in March. But getting approval from the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission wasn't easy, and Revel debuted 34 Tesla vehicles that are now available for use. Another 16 will also be approved for use soon. The company has built a car charging station with 25 fast chargers in Bed-Stuy and plans to roll out even more charging stations throughout the city. The experience of the first ride in the custom blue Model Y was shared by Adam/Twitter.

Like other rideshare cars, Revel's Tesla Model Ys cannot be caught on the street and used as a regular taxi. It will be possible to order a trip only using the company's application. Since its debut, the demand for rides in Model Y has been so high that the app has a waiting list to actually request a ride. Undoubtedly, such success is associated with the desire to ride in an electric car from Tesla, with a panoramic roof through which you can enjoy a beautiful view.

Revel's fleet is small, but the way it operates is significantly different from that of Uber and Lyft. The company, unlike its competitors, owns all the cars, and the drivers are employees, not independent contractors. Revel's staff of 150 drivers receive hourly pay and have perks such as PTO and medical care.

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