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Tesla Giga Texas-Made Model Ys Spotted Possibly in Abyss Blue Multicoat Color

Tesla Giga Texas-Made Model Ys Spotted Possibly in Abyss Blue Multicoat Color

Photo: @peterdog15/Twitter

New Tesla Model Ys, painted possibly in Abyss Blue Multicoat color, are spotted at Giga Texas. Presumably these are cars produced at the factory near Austin, although there is no exact confirmation of this.

Giga Texas is showing more and more activity and now several Model Ys, believed to be made in the new factory, are spotted there. During another drone overflight, @peterdog15/Twitter noticed an interesting event: nine brand new Model Ys were charging near the factory building. While the information on where they were made is not available at the moment, the most realistic assumption is that they were made at Giga Texas.

According to several reports, including both rumors and research by one investment firm, Tesla's Austin factory is ready to start mass production, which should happen any day now, if it hasn't already. This information indicates that the Model Ys spotted on Monday could be manufactured at Giga Texas, which means the factory has reached a new milestone and launched production even earlier than Giga Berlin, which started construction six months earlier.

Another interesting observation is the color of the Model Y's spotted. Although it's impossible to say for sure, it looks like the cars were painted in the new Abyss Blue Multicoat color, which is very deep and plays beautifully in the sun. If these cars are indeed made at Giga Texas, then there seems to be no reason to paint the cars in standard Deep Blue Metallic. It would make more sense for the manufacturer to try out a new painting technology with new colors than it would to set the equipment to paint in an old color. However, these are only speculations, and hopefully, we will be able to get more detailed information about this soon.

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