Tesla Model X and Model 3 ranked among Australia’s Top 3 safest cars for 2019

Tesla Model X and Model 3 ranked among Australia’s Top 3 safest cars for 2019

According to the latest annual ranking of the independent vehicle safety authority in Australia, ANCAP, two of Australia's three safest cars are electric cars. And not just electric cars, but electric cars of the same brand - Tesla.

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is a car safety performance assessment programme based in Australia and founded in 1993. ANCAP specialises in the crash testing of automobiles sold in Australia and the publishing of these results for the benefit of consumers. ANCAP provides consumers with transparent advice and information on the level of occupant and pedestrian protection provided by different vehicle models in the most common types of crashes, as well as their ability—through technology—to avoid a crash.

ANCAP’s safety ratings are determined based on a series of internationally recognised, independent tests and safety assessments – involving a range of destructive physical crash tests, an assessment of on-board safety features and equipment, and performance testing of active collision avoidance technologies.

The tests, which cover passenger cars, sports utility vehicles (SUV) and light commercial vehicles, are evaluated against Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable Road User Protection, and Safety Assist.

To achieve the maximum 5 star ANCAP safety rating, a vehicle must achieve the highest standards in all tests and feature advanced safety assist technologies.

On Friday, ANCAP stated that the Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA were among the three safest cars in 2019.

Tesla Model X took second place, and Model 3 third, topped only to the Mercedes-Benz CLA, which claimed the first place with a total weighted result of 90.2%.

ANCAP chief James Goodwin said the Tesla Model X - which finished second with a total score of 89.6% - achieved some of the highest scores in main valuation categories.

Source: ANCAP

“The Model X received a record-equalling high score of 98% for Adult Occupant Protection, with full points awarded for the protection of the driver in all four of the full-scale crash tests – frontal offset, full-width, side impact, and oblique pole,” he said.

Tesla Model 3 occupied a very close third with a total score of 89.4% averaged over the four main areas of assessment.

“Both the Model 3 and Model X achieved the highest Safety Assist scores recorded to date at 94% – well ahead of all others rated this year,” Goodwin said.

Source: ANCAP

Earlier this month, the Tesla Model X SUV was awarded a five-star rating by the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) in tests that are standards for Europe.

Also, in the summer of 2019, Tesla Model 3 earned the highest safety assist score ever awarded by Euro NCAP under its newer 2018-2019 testing protocols.

Tesla’s engineers use data collected from each Tesla’s sensors set from October 2016, as well as data from drivers to better understand how people drive. This data is used to build more accurate forecasting models, which, in turn, allow functions to better mitigate or avoid crashes.

The constant painstaking work of Tesla has amazing results, because the safety of car passengers and other road users is a priority. It is Tesla who cares about this safety and is constantly developing and improving various systems that prevent the occurrence of crash, as such.

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