Tesla Moves Model Y to Top of Official Site, Hinting Next Level Ramping to Begin

by Eva Fox August 07, 2020

Tesla Moves Model Y to Top of Official Site, Hinting Next Level Ramping to Begin

Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV, which many would argue is simply the best electric vehiclein its class. With excellent performance at a reasonable price, it is in high demand and will become as popular as, or even surpass, Model 3. Today Tesla moved Model Y to be featured on the main page of its website, hinting that production is moving to a new level.

At the moment, Model Y vehicles are manufactured only at the company's factory in Fremont, California. Since the company's compact SUV is the fastest growing in the market, as a model that will be especially popular due to its affordability, Tesla needs to increase production capacity.

At the end of February 2020, Tesla had filed a permit application for a new assembly line in its Fremont factory. At the end of June, near the tent where the Model 3 assembly line is located, construction began on a new tent for the Model Y assembly. Photos received by Tesmanian in mid-July showed that the facility was nearly complete.

And now, Tesla has begun installing a casting machine for the Model Y. A Tesla giant casting machine with a paint shop was spotted at Fremont factory, California, a few days ago.

Tesla strives to produce high-quality vehicles as efficiently as possible. One area of ​​focus for the company is increasing efficiency in the car body manufacturing process.

The EV maker will employ its new aluminum casting process—for the first time ever for any vehicle—on Model Y. The automaker plans to wean from casting 70 parts to four parts, and then ultimately to just one.

After installing a casting machine at the Fremont plant, Tesla took it to the next level. The same machine will be installed in each of the company's factories, which will significantly improve the quality of Model Y, increase production speed, and reduce costs. In turn, this will enable Tesla to lower vehicle prices, accelerating expansion into all automotive markets in the world.


@TroyTeslike's observations based on the VIN registrations of Model Y owners show that on August 2nd, production of this model dropped to 0. This is because Tesla has upgraded the GA4 assembly line. Now, production has resumed and soon we will see many Model Ys rolling out of the Fremont factory.

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