Tesla New Model 3 to be Equipped with Octovalve, Heat Pump, & More

Tesla New Model 3 to be Equipped with Octovalve, Heat Pump, & More

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At the end of August, news broke that a Model 3 had been produced with a slightly smaller frunk from those previously made. The width has been reduced, and it also appears to be deeper than the original design. The bigger change though is to the top of the frunk (where the grocery hooks had been). The plastic molding now extends much further into the frunk, giving more space behind and underneath it.

The extra space gained behind the front panel indicated that Tesla could soon introduce new components that were designed and deployed in Model Y. In particular, Model Y received an updated air conditioning system, heat pump, and octovalve.

In addition, some of the Model 3s produced in August received new headlights and hinted that a power trunk could be coming. There is now a rumor that the Model 3 will indeed receive a number of these changes, and more, reported Drive Tesla Canada.

@Tesla__Mania/Twitter posted that there is a list of changes that will surely please future Model 3 owners. However, he clarified that these changes are for the Model 3 made in China.

So, he listed the following updates:

  • New steering wheel
  • Center console 2.0
  • New headlights and tail lights
  • Power lift trunk
  • Chrome delete
  • Octovalve
  • Double-layer glass for better noise isolation

These changes look impressive. It looks like new owners will receive a seriously revamped Model 3. A couple of the major innovations are the heat pump and octovalve. The presence of new components will not only improve the air conditioning system in the vehicle but will enhance range.


Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company is already working to make noise reduction much better and continues to work on it. Perhaps Musk was referring to the double-layer glass, which will be installed in the new Model 3.

While @Tesla__Mania claims that the new changes may only appear at first in the China-made Model 3, this may not reflect the whole picture. In fact, it may just be a piece of the puzzle, and we will be able to see a clearer picture in the near future. Perhaps on September 22, Tesla will reveal more details regarding this.

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