Tesla Notary Has Certified Purchase Agreement, GF4 Berlin Plans 500K units

Tesla Notary Has Certified Purchase Agreement, GF4 Berlin Plans 500K units

Brandenburg has high hopes for Tesla's planned investment in Gruenheide. The American manufacturer of electric vehicles plans to invest up to four billion euros in the planned Gigafactory.

According to Märkische Oderzeitung, Tesla signed a contract to purchase a site in Grünheide on Monday, January 27. Chancellery in German State of Brandenburg confirmed that Tesla notary has certified purchase agreement between Tesla and the state of Brandenburg for site in Grünheide on Wednesday afternoon in Potsdam after a working group meeting.

Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) spoke about an important step for the success of an industrial project. “However, much work remains to be done before everyone will participate,” he stressed. According to documents, from July 2021, Tesla plans to produce up to 500,000 electric vehicles a year in Grünheide. For this, the plant will provide jobs first for 3,000 people, and later bring their number to 10,000.

The purchase price is 40.91 million euros. Based on calculations, price for the 300-hectare piece of land would amount to precisely 13.52 euros per square meter. The relatively low price of GF4 forest is due to the undeveloped nature of the land. In this way, Tesla was able to get a reasonable price for the Gigafactory 4 site from the local Brandenburg government. For comparison, real estate in Freienbrink - a business park near the GF4 forest - costs about 40 euros per square meter. Compared to the land Tesla plans to buy, real estate in Fayenbrink is three times more expensive.

On January 20, the company's board of directors approved a purchase agreement with the state of Brandenburg to acquire about 300 hectares of land in Grünheide.

At the moment, the search for warheads continues at this site. The state government doesn't rule out the discovery of new unexploded ordnance. On January 26, 7 previously found bombs were defused. The operation was successful and everything went according to a predetermined plan.

Public access to documents for the planned factory will last until February 5. As of the end of last week, 169 citizens in Gruenheide looked at the documents. Objections to the project may be raised by March 5. An informational event was held in Grünheide on January 24, at which citizens could ask questions of interest to them. Brandenburg's Minister of Economics and Mayor Grünheide answered questions from approximately 400 citizens. The discussion process in Erkner is scheduled for March 18.

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