Tesla Now Considers Cross/Headwinds, Air Density & Humidity in Range Calculations

Tesla Now Considers Cross/Headwinds, Air Density & Humidity in Range Calculations

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Tesla improved its range calculation system by adding several important variables. The new software reveals the ability of Tesla vehicles to take into account cross/headwinds, air density, and humidity when available to calculate driving energy consumption.

Range calculation is an extremely important function for any car. This helps to correctly calculate the time of expected stops for refueling or charging. Tesla has always paid great attention to this and strives to ensure its cars collect as much data as possible for the correct calculation. However, calculating exact range is a very tough task, as there are many variables to consider. Over time, the company continued to add various factors to the calculation, which made the calculation as close to reality as possible, but there is no limit to perfection.

It seems that Tesla has now found a way to improve the range calculation and has added an analysis of additional factors. According to hacker @greentheonly/Twitter, the recent software update 2022.8.2 includes an undocumented change. The trip planner now accounts for cross/headwinds, air density, and humidity. However, he points out that this feature is currently only available in China.

Adding new factors to the equation will help calculate the vehicle's range more accurately, which can help users pinpoint exactly when and where they need to recharge. While this probably won't be a big deal for owners who do not use their car often and can easily charge at any time, it will be important for those who, for example, plan a trip or frequently drive long distances. In addition, this feature prepares Tesla's car fleet even more for the launch of RobotTaxi. By having an accurate range calculation, cars will be able to determine exactly when they should go for charging and avoid running out of power during service.

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