Tesla Appears on Cover of National Geographic October Edition—The Future of Driving Is Here & It’s Electric

by Eva Fox October 02, 2021

Tesla Appears on Cover of National Geographic October Edition—The Future of Driving Is Here & It’s Electric

Image: National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine has published an October edition called "The Revolution Is Here." The cover of the new issue features a convoy of cars, a motorcycle, a train, planes and a quadcopter, led by a Tesla car. This underlines the recognition of the manufacturer by those who are truly focused on nature and the environment.

In October, National Geographic released an issue about green transport. The authors studied the industry and published a number of articles that talk about transport powered by alternative sources of power, namely electricity.

National Geographic has published data predicting that, by 2040, EV sales will grow to about two-thirds of all cars sold, and combustion-engine cars will decline from over 99% today to one-third. In Europe, the share of electric vehicles in the automotive market of some of the most prosperous countries on the continent is already growing rapidly and, for example, in Germany, it could reach 90 percent by 2040. Considering that a lot of Americans have personal garages where charging can be installed, the number of EVs in the United States will grow rapidly.

Although political support for electric vehicles is limited in many parts of the world, and combustion vehicles are more affordable, the number of electric vehicles will grow as they become cheaper. Tesla is one of those companies that is actively working to reduce the cost of producing electric vehicles and make the highest-performing cars as affordable as possible for consumers.

It's no secret that it was Tesla who started the fashion for electric vehicles. Up to this point, the whole world treated them as an auxiliary transport, which is well suited, for example, as a golf cart. However, Tesla started by creating a high-performance, electrically powered supercar—the original Roadster—that caught the eye of many consumers. Every year thereafter, the Californian manufacturer continued to improve and create new, more affordable models that ultimately conquered the heart of the world. Tesla vehicles are now the most popular electric vehicles in the United States as well as globally.

It is these merits that make Tesla so special. The manufacturer has done more than anyone else in the industry to ensure that cars do not pollute the environment, for which it received recognition from many. National Geographic highlighted the importance of Tesla's work in freeing the world from the polluting, ICE-powered vehicles, for which it posted one of its EVs on the cover of the October issue.

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