Tesla Places Huge Semiconductor Order with TSMC for FSD Hardware: Rumor

Tesla Places Huge Semiconductor Order with TSMC for FSD Hardware: Rumor

According to rumor, Tesla has placed a huge semiconductor order with TSMC for FSD hardware. It is currently unknown whether they will be used to produce FSD HW 3 or HW 4, which is planned to be installed initially for Cybertruck.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has received a major order for semiconductors from Tesla, according to the Chinese news agency Money. They will be used for the production of equipment for Full Self-Driving (FSD). It is reported that these will be chips produced using a 4/5 nm process. With this order, Tesla is expected to become one of TSMC's top seven customers in 2023. It will also mark the first time that one of TSMC's seven major customers has an electric vehicle factory rather than a consumer electronics factory.

In August 2020, TSMC announced that the new high performance computing (HPC) chip, jointly developed by global chip design leader Broadcom and electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, will be crafted using TSMC's advanced 7nm process, and integrated with TSMC. The HPC chip, created by Broadcom for Tesla, was to become the main application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for Tesla vehicles in the future, which can be used to control and support advanced driving assistance systems, FSD, power transmission of electric vehicles, and in-car entertainment.

The information we have about the chip manufacturing process is different now than it was in 2020. On one hand, both manufacturers are flexible enough to adapt production according to the current market situation, so the use of different processes for the production of chips could indeed take place. On the other hand, the use of two different production processes may indicate that these are different chips that will be used for the production of the current HW 3 and for the new generation semiconductor HW 4.

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