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Tesla Plans to Increase Parts Production at Giga Shanghai, Show New Documents

Tesla Plans to Increase Parts Production at Giga Shanghai, Show New Documents

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Tesla plans to increase parts production at Giga Shanghai, show new documents filed with the city government. The manufacturer wants to add production workshops and increase the number of employees.

Tesla has again been active in increasing the production capacity of Giga Shanghai. According to documents filed with the city government on Tuesday, the factory plans to expand parts production to meet growing export demand, Reuters said. This comes amid a delay in obtaining final approval for the construction of Giga Berlin, which was supposed to meet the needs of the European market. Although the European factory is due to be approved soon, the increase in Giga Shanghai's production capacity still makes a lot of sense, as demand for the company's vehicles far outstrips existing supply.

According to the document, the manufacturer will add production workshops, increase the number of workers, and lengthen the time equipment is operational. Tesla did not disclose the scope of this plan and cut out all the numbers.

Although Tesla indicated that Giga Shanghai has a production capacity of ">450,000" when filing its fiscal year 2021 report, it is clear that the manufacturer can already produce significantly more than that. Based on January 2022 delivery data, Giga Shanghai can already produce over 700,000 vehicles a year. Of course, the monthly number of cars produced can be more or less, depending on various factors, however should still be around 700,000.

The expansion that Tesla is talking about in the new documents should also have an impact on the overall production capacity of Giga Shanghai. For now, the factory is expected to aim for a production capacity of 1 million vehicles per year.

In November 2021, it became known that Tesla planned to invest up to RMB 1.2 billion ($190 million) to expand the production capacity of its Chinese factory. According to the documents, this should increase the number of jobs by 4,000 people. At the moment, it remains unclear whether Tesla is talking about a new expansion in the new document or one that was already discussed in November 2021.

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