Tesla Aims to Grow Supercharger Network in Germany by 56% in 2022 as its EVs Flood Market

by Eva Fox April 30, 2022

Tesla Aims to Grow Supercharger Network in Germany by 56% in 2022 as its EVs Flood Market

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Tesla plans to increase the number of Superchargers in Germany by 56% in 2022, which could make it the third country in the world in terms of the number of the manufacturer's charging stations. This move is due to the fact that the number of Tesla cars is rapidly increasing on the roads of the country, flooding the German car market.

Tesla launched its first European factory in March this year. Giga Berlin immediately began active work, producing cars not only for the local market, but for the whole of Europe. While the China-made Model 3 and Model Y continue to deliver to the German market, the German-made Model Y further increases the manufacturer's share in the country's auto market. This growth in the number of vehicles, which is steadily increasing, also requires a significant expansion of charging infrastructure.

With 123 Supercharger stations, Germany has about 4% of all Tesla-branded charging locations installed to date. Thus, the country is already in fourth place, after the USA, China, and Canada, for number of charging stations. However, it seems that this year the situation may change.

According to Tesla's website, the manufacturer plans to install 79 new Superchargers stations in Germany. Some of them are scheduled to open in Q2 2022, while others will open in Q3 and Q4 this year. There are also a few locations for which even approximate opening dates have not been set. This shows an increase of 56% compared to those installed as of today, which is a good result. Once their installation is complete, Germany could move into third place among countries with the most Supercharger stations installed, pushing Canada to fourth.

The Tesla factory’s arrival in Germany implies that local consumers will be much more active in buying the manufacturer's vehicles than consumers in other countries. This happens in any country where Tesla builds its factory and this is a natural phenomenon. Since the manufacturer announced plans to build Giga Berlin, German interest in Tesla vehicles has increased significantly.

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