Tesla Surprises its Customers in China with Pleasant Bonuses for the May Day Holidays

Tesla Surprises its Customers in China with Pleasant Bonuses for the May Day Holidays

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Tesla owners in China once again have access to the best service and nice gifts from the company. Throughout the May Day holidays, they are eligible for free charging on Superchargers, discounts on replacement filters, and free use of Enhanced Autopilot.

Because China and its culture is much different from those of the United States and Europe, Tesla's China team is actively working to meet all the needs of the company's domestic car owners. China is currently Tesla's second largest market and is actively developing, so improving local customer satisfaction is essential. In connection with the May Day holidays, the manufacturer provides its customers with several pleasant bonuses, which it announced via his Weibo account.

First, Tesla owners will get access to the Enhanced Autopilot for 45 days. This will be a pleasant treat, which then does not oblige them to purchase, but can provide driving pleasure for a month and a half. Of course, if some customers later want to purchase a package for their car, the company will also benefit from this.

Secondly, all Tesla owners in China, of whom there are more than 200,000 today, receive free access to all Superchargers for five days. This is a lavish gift, as the holiday is a great time to take a trip or get out of the bustling cities, which will require a fully charged car.

In addition, owners can replace the air filter in their vehicles with a 25% discount. This is also a very pleasant bonus since the need to replace the air filter for cars in smog-filled cities happens more frequently.

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