Tesla Powerpack Featured in 100% Sun-Powered Building in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Tesla Powerpack Featured in 100% Sun-Powered Building in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Photo credit: Kyowa Exeo

Tesla batteries provide 100% autonomous power from sunlight to a building in Fukushima Prefecture. Kyowa Exeo has installed a complete self-contained solar and battery system at the Growth House. The project should be the first fully autonomous system in Japan.

Kyowa Exeo recently announced that it has completed the installation of a self-contained solar power system and Tesla's battery system. The project was planned to do its part to support sustainability, revitalize the local forest industry, conserve resources, and market low-carbon, local materials from Koriyama that were used as building materials. The building is designed with natural ventilation and daylight in mind, using various environmentally friendly designs and powered by renewable energy sources.

A 40 kW solar panel system and a battery with a total capacity of 684 kWh were installed to create a completely self-contained system that does not receive any power from the grid. The battery used was a Tesla Powerpack lithium-ion battery.

Powerpack is a fully integrated, AC-connected energy storage system with everything needed to connect to a building or utility network. It dramatically simplifies installation, integration and future support, offering system-wide benefits that far outweigh those of standalone batteries.

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