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Tesla Powerpack Spotted at Giga Berlin, Hinting at Plant’s Broader Sustainability Goals

Tesla Powerpack Spotted at Giga Berlin, Hinting at Plant’s Broader Sustainability Goals

Photo: the_wolfpack_berlin/YouTube

Tesla Powerpack has been spotted at Giga Berlin. The appearance of Tesla Energy products suggests that the factory is being designed as an energy sustainable facility in which innovative solutions will be applied.

In one of the latest videos of a flyby of Giga Berlin, jimbob/Twitter spotted one Tesla Powerpack. It was located right next to the Paint Shop. The video creators the_wolfpack_berlin/YouTube reviewed several of their last videos and found that utility and business energy storage was first spotted there on June 5. Judging by the video and photos, it seems that the Powerpack is still not connected to the grid, as we cannot see the cables leading to it. In addition, there are some building materials around the unit in the immediate vicinity, and the ground looks uneven and completely unprepared for installation. With all this in mind, it seems that the energy storage is not yet connected.

Installing a Powerpack at Giga Berlin can be indicative of several things. The first thing that comes to mind is that it can be used for a charging station on the premises of the factory. At this stage, it may be necessary to test the charging capability of vehicles, as part of testing production processes. Also, Powerpack can be used to stabilize the grid. Power cables leading to the factory were recently set on fire, which could lead to power outages. Perhaps the company wants to protect itself and have a backup power supply that is able to stabilize the grid during outages. In addition, the Powerpack could have been transported to Giga Berlin as part of renewable energy supply deployment. The factory in Germany should be equipped with solar panels on the roof and aim to use renewable electricity. While at the moment it seems that it is too early to talk about the deployment of solar panels on the roof of Giga Berlin, given the unpredictability of Tesla, this possibility cannot be ruled out.


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