Tesla Prepares to Expand its Vehicle Lineup for Sales in Israel

Tesla Prepares to Expand its Vehicle Lineup for Sales in Israel

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Tesla is gearing up to expand its vehicle lineup for sales in Israel. The company began preparations for sales of Model Y, S, and X.

Tesla is preparing to launch its compact electric SUV, Model Y, in Israel. The car, which can accommodate up to 7 people, is likely to be approved for use on the country's roads in the last quarter of 2021, with market entry to begin in early 2022, according to Globes. Tesla is expected to present not only the Long Range and Performance versions but also the Standard Range made in China. The estimated price for Long Range is NIS250,000 (about $77,590).

In addition, Tesla is preparing to deliver its exclusive Model S and Model X. At the moment, vehicle deliveries are delayed due to disruptions in the supply of components for their production. However, the implications of this are expected to have less of an impact on the industry over time.

In preparation for its Israeli expansion, Tesla has appointed former Union Motors CEO Shlomo Nakdimon as its national sales manager for Israel. It will also operate Tesla's permanent showrooms and delivery center, which are expected to open in early 2022. According to Globes, Tesla has rented offices in Park Atidim in Devora Havevia Street in North Tel Aviv, where the company's headquarters will likely be located.

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