Tesla Q2 Registrations in California Grow 7X+ YoY, Model Y Leads Charge

Tesla Q2 Registrations in California Grow 7X+ YoY, Model Y Leads Charge

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Tesla registrations in California in Q2 2021 grew seven-fold compared to last year and accounted for more than half of all sales in the United States. Model Y continues to grab consumers' attention and accounts for more than half of all Tesla's sales.

Tesla reported amazing delivery results in Q2 2021 despite a number of headwinds it faced. Last quarter, 201,250 vehicles were delivered, 199,360 of which were Model 3 and Y. According to research firm Cross-Sell, the total number of registered Tesla vehicles in the second quarter in the 23 states in the USA where the data was collected was 46,926 units. It should be noted that the actual number of vehicles may be higher, as registration in the United States usually takes about 30 days from the date of sale, while at the time of data collection it was only about 14 days, according to Reuters.

California continues to lead the United States in the registration of Tesla electric vehicles. In Q2 2021, registrations increased by more than 85% YoY, which corresponds to an increase of more than seven-fold. According to the data, a total of 23,556 Tesla vehicles were registered in California.

This success was made possible thanks to the ever-popular and coveted Model Y. More than half of all Tesla's sales came from Model Y, equaling 13,581 units. Model 3 sales were 9,975 respectively. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted, Model Y sales continue to increase and it may soon become the best-selling electric vehicle in the world.

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