EV Sales In Netherlands Will Benefit By The New €4000 Incentives Starting July 1st

EV Sales In Netherlands Will Benefit By The New €4000 Incentives Starting July 1st

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The Dutch government has introduced a new incentives package for the purchase of new and used electric cars, which will last until 2025.

Rijksoverheid informs that according to this incentives package, individuals are entitled to incentives in the amount of € 4,000 when renting or buying a new electric car. Second-hand car buyers get incentives of € 2,000. Any buyer can apply starting from July 1.

The subsidy scheme for electric cars was published today in the Government newspaper and therefore is final. The Cabinet of Ministers wants to promote clean transport and make it affordable for everyone in the long run.

State Secretary Van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management): “It is important that clean driving is accessible to people. With this subsidy I want to give them a helping hand, so that they can choose an electric car. New or second-hand. "The more people who drive electric vehicles instead of fossils, the cleaner our air and the less greenhouse gas emissions."

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The Cabinet of Ministers agreed that an electric car should be available to a lot more people. With this scheme, designed for individuals who drive a new or used middle-class passenger car, pure electric driving is becoming increasingly attractive to a wide group. 

Subsidy applications can be found on the Netherlands Enterprise Agency website. Individuals can apply from July 1 for cars purchased or rented from today.

The state emphasizes that electric vehicles are economical to use and maintain. They do not emit exhaust gases while driving, which is good for climate and clean air. In addition, more and more cleaner production and greening production make them increasingly beneficial to the environment. That is why more and more people are switching to electric driving, and the Netherlands continues to help its citizens in their acquisition.

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