Tesla Semi Delivery Event: Guests Are Greeted

Tesla Semi Delivery Event: Guests Are Greeted

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Tesla Semi Delivery Event welcomes guests in Nevada. Around 10 electric trucks with Pepsi-branded colors and lettering decorate the hall.

The Tesla Semi Delivery Event starts in a few minutes, but the guests arrived early. Entering the room, they find themselves in a hallway illuminated with red light, their eyes blinded by the headlights of Tesla Semi. The main character, as a friendly and caring host, greets visitors to its party.

The hall is filled with dozens of visitors who crowd to take pictures near the stunning Semis. According to the information, there are about 10 electric trucks there, although it remains unknown if all of them will be delivered to customers today. Some Semis are painted in Pepsi brand colors and logos, one of them has a colorful FritoLay lettering, and the rest are plain white. Visitors have been given access to one of them and are happy to view and photograph the truck's revolutionary cab, equipped with two displays and a centrally located driver's seat.

Blue light glows in a section of the hall, decorated with stark and simple Tesla-branded crates. Here, guests are treated to hot cocoa with a fluffy marshmallow that warms them up and gives them even more sweetness from the event they had the opportunity to join.

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