Multiple Tesla Semi Trucks Finished Winter Testing, Another Step Closer Toward Production

Multiple Tesla Semi Trucks Finished Winter Testing, Another Step Closer Toward Production

Recently, a videos appeared on the Internet demonstrating how truck transport the Semi. This indicates that a series of winter tests for them are probably over.

In December 2019, Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s President of Automotive and the head of the Tesla Semi program said that production of the Semi would begin in 2020.

“Next year we will start production. We are very happy, we are driving the trucks extensively with so far, I think, quite amazing success, yes.”

Later, in January, Tesla sent a letter to Tesla Semi reservation owners to inform them of their test program for the electric truck, as well as plans for its improvement and an updated schedule.

In this letter, it was said that Semi is currently undergoing a series of tough tests, which include driving through pits and potholes. A very important test step is to test the truck in winter conditions.

"In the short term, the is gearing up for several weeks of winter testing to validate the trucks's performance in cold weather and low traction conditions. We are excited to share insights from the winter with you, as we will be able to highlight the major advantages of electric traction and motor control, which no diesel powertrain can match."

As early as February, Semi was spotted near the US-Canadian border at Huntingdon. And a few days after that, a train with a Tesla truck was seen near Ashcroft, Canada.

Yesterday, YouTube user Tvlog posted a video on his channel. Judging by the description, he saw Semi in Olympia WA. The truck looked very dirty, which indicates that it was tested in off-road conditions.


u/TheSneakinSpider, who posted on Reddit about it, claims the truck had Alaska license plates. This may indicate that the Semi were tested not only in Canada, but also in the part of the Earth with an extreme climate - Alaska.

Credit to u/bagel330 for getting this picture of a Tesla Semi after a presumably hard days work. from r/teslamotors


Another video, on which you can see the dirty and frozen Semi, which is transported by a truck, was posted by Twitter user John D..

 Judging by the appearance of these trucks, we can confidently say that they have passed rigorous endurance tests. After several weeks of testing, Tesla has collected a lot of valuable data, and now the Semi are returning home. This makes Tesla one step closer to start mass production of trucks.

Semi is a radically new chapter in the history of electric cars. The world had not seen anything like this before the Semi. The claimed Tesla truck resource is 1 million miles, that means that during its life cycle, the it will be able to drive around the globe 40 times.

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