Tesla Semi Spotted on Fremont Test Track, Hints Production Could Be Imminent

by Eva Fox March 08, 2021

Tesla Semi Spotted on Fremont Test Track, Hints Production Could Be Imminent

The Tesla Semi has been spotted on the test track at the Fremont factory, hinting at its imminent start of production. The ride of the electric truck was filmed by company representatives, which was possibly done to create a new advertisement for the company's finished product.

Chris Nguyen/YouTube today posted two new short videos of a white Tesla Semi spotted on a Tesla test track at the Fremont factory. Both videos were recorded on March 5. Due to problems with the drone, he managed to get only two short videos, yet they turned out to be quite informationally rich.

In the video, we can see an updated version of the Tesla Semi, which was first seen in early February and had a number of design differences. A Tesla Model Y is driving in front of the Semi, and it appears to have video equipment installed on the trunk, which hints that Tesla is filming a new advertisement for the updated design of the truck in order to present it to the audience. The release of the new ad may indicate that Tesla is gearing up for an imminent launch of the product, which is in line with rumors that have recently become known in the community.

Source: Chris Nguyen/YouTube

In early February, Tesla enthusiast and investor Sawyer Merritt/Twitter posted hot details about the start of production of the Semi. He said that over the course of several weeks, he had been in contact with a source from a US Tesla supplier who is supplying certain parts for Models S, X, 3, and Y. According to the information received, this supplier has begun working on Semi-related parts in Q4 2020. The source said that the body of Semi will be built in Fremont, California, but the final assembly will take place at Giga Nevada in 2021, and ultimately at Giga Texas in 2022. Whether final assembly will take place in both Nevada and Texas or ultimately just switch to Giga Texas when the plant is ready remains unclear at this point.

The ‘RC assembly’ will begin in May 2021. This is probably talking about when the Semi will begin to produce on a conveyor (Roller Conveyor). Per the supplier, Pilot production is expected to start in July 2021 with production starting in August 2021; 350 cumulative builds are therefore projected to be accumulated by August 2021.




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