Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai Is Hiring Production Workers Again To Ramp Model 3 Production Capacity

by Eva Fox April 11, 2020

Tesla Giga 3 Shanghai Is Hiring Production Workers Again To Ramp Model 3 Production Capacity

Tesla China is recruiting employees for Giga Shanghai, which indicates an increase in production.

This week, Tesla China announced two more Chinese-made models from Gigafactory Shanghai after the Model 3 Standard Range Plus. And yesterday, a recruitment was announced in the official Tesla account at Weibo. The factory needs Casting Quality Engineer, Quality Inspector, Ultrasonic Testing Technician and Equipment Maintenance Technician.

Despite the forced suspension of operation in January-February due the COVID-19, Giga Shanghai plans to continue to increase the volume of production. Given that manufacturing in factories in the US is now stopped, Tesla can only rely on a factory in Shanghai to provide it with productivity support.

The news that the automaker is recruiting new employees shows that Tesla is preparing to expand its factory in Shanghai, move more production facilities to China, and offset losses in other markets. According to the latest news, China, which has begun to recover from the epidemic, is feeling a smooth rise in car markets. According to employees of Chinese car dealerships, they are now experiencing increased demand for cars. This is due to the fact that people tend to buy a car that will save them from the need to use public transport.

Reuters previously reported that Tesla plans to increase its production capacity for certain car parts at its factory, as it pushes to localize its supply chain in the world’s biggest auto market. American automaker plans to add lines to make more battery packs, electric motors, and motor controllers, according to the document submitted by Tesla to Shanghai government.

According to the document, Tesla wants to almost double its annual building capacity for cooling pipes, a key part in a car’s heat management system, to 260,000 sets a year from 150,000. It did not provide capacity details for other parts.


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