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Tesla Supercharger Designer Speaks Out About Ford's 'Fastor Charge' Network

Tesla Supercharger Designer Speaks Out About Ford's 'Fastor Charge' Network

Tesla Supercharger designer Javier Verdura recently spoke out about Ford’s upcoming rapid charging network, which happens to be unfortunately christened with the name “Fastor Charge.” Inasmuch as we would love for this name to be a typo, a patent filed by the legacy automaker back in 2018 suggests that the company may really be calling its EV charging infrastructure the Fastor Charge network--with a straight face. 

Initial reports about the patent emerged in the Mach-E Club forum, a platform for electric vehicle enthusiasts that are eagerly waiting for the all-electric crossover. Images from the patent even included what appeared to be the intended badge for the network. The badge is just as silly as its Fastor Charge moniker, featuring an old-school typescript and a two-prong household plug that looked very much like a 110-volt plug. 


Dumb names aside, the whole idea of Ford’s Fastor Charge network is an evident response to Tesla’s Supercharger Network, which is represented by sleek, futuristic stalls that look like the electric vehicle equivalent of an Apple device. Ford's charging network just so happened to have a really low-effort name. And that, for Tesla Supercharger designer Javier Verdura, is sacrilegious. 

In a post on Twitter, Verdura expressed his thoughts about Ford’s Fastor Charge network. The noted designer did not mince words, stating that the EV charging network, and in particular, its name, is a “crappy knock-off.” “This crappy knock-off pains me so much every time I see it. It’s like someone broke into my house and stole something I hold dear,” Verdura wrote. 

Verdura’s tweet seems to be a combination of snark and sarcasm, and his sentiments are definitely reflected by many members of the electric car community. The designer’s thoughts are understandable, especially considering that Tesla took particular care in ensuring that its Supercharger stalls both functional and pleasing to the eye. Verdura’s Supercharger design is actually listed in the ArtCenter, something that Ford’s Fastor Charge logo and stalls will likely not be a part of in the near future. 

During a recent appearance at the Third Row Podcast, automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro stated that legacy automakers are simply not putting in a lot of serious effort in the electric vehicle sphere, and this is the reason why they can’t wipe the floor with Tesla despite their advantage in experience. A look at Ford’s Fastor Charge network and its low-effort logo is all one needs to know that Munro is definitely onto something with his statements. 

Featured Image Credit: MikeMurphyFord.com

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