Tesla Supercharger Network Covers All Cities in Shanxi Province in North China

Tesla Supercharger Network Covers All Cities in Shanxi Province in North China

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The Tesla Supercharger Network in China continues to expand rapidly. Today, the manufacturer's charging stations cover all the cities of Shanxi province in northern China, providing the best electric vehicle experience.

Tesla said that now, its Supercharger network covers all cities in northern China's Shanxi province. The manufacturer has built 14 Supercharger stations in the province, including 79 charging stalls. Thus, Tesla has covered all 11 cities in Shanxi province with its Supercharger stations, making using the manufacturer's vehicles easy and convenient for all customers. According to the company, Tesla currently has 14 Supercharger stations in Shanxi, in cities such as Taiyuan, Datong, Yangquan, Changzhi, Jincheng, Shuozhou, Jinzhong, Yuncheng, Xinzhou, Linfen, and Luliang.

Tesla said last week that it added 27 Supercharger stations in mainland China in March containing 147 stalls. Thus, to date, Tesla has opened more than 1,100 Supercharger stations in mainland China, containing more than 8,500 stalls. In addition, there are over 700 destination charging stations available to owners, offering more than 1,800 charging piles. In April, Tesla plans to add Superchargers to 20 cities in China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chongqing.

In late January, Tesla said it had covered all cities in China's eastern Anhui province with its Supercharger network, opening 22 Supercharger stations in the province.

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