Tesla Takes the Lead in Norway EV Sales in Q1 2021 to Date

Tesla Takes the Lead in Norway EV Sales in Q1 2021 to Date

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Tesla continues to actively capture the automotive market by building new factories and increasing production. Despite the ever-increasing competition, the company maintains a leading position in the quarterly sales of the electric vehicle market. To date, in Q1 2021, Tesla is the top-selling brand in Norway and is expected to continue to strengthen its position towards the end of the quarter.

According to data released by EU EVs, as of March 17, Tesla has registered 1,689 vehicles since January 1, 2021. Its closest competitor is Audi with 1,621 registrations. Third place belongs to Peugeot with 1,541 registered units. Manufacturers such as Volvo (1,142), Nissan (1,129), Polestar (1,086), and Kia (963) are approximately at the same level as each other, and lag behind the leaders by at least 400 registered units.

Source: EU EVs

At the moment, the situation is that Tesla will continue to increase deliveries and by the end of March will be able to register a likely significantly higher number of cars, which is in line with the usual practice for the manufacturer. Photos from the port of Drammen show that a new batch of Tesla cars has arrived at the port, which means there will be a new surge in registrations in the coming days. Thus, the interest of Norwegians in Tesla continues to grow and in 2021 may bring new unexpected and pleasant surprises.

Source: Drammen port

Norway continues to lead in the transition to clean transport, and Tesla cars are still among the most preferred by consumers. Model 3 continues to have great success there, yet Model Y deliveries have not even begun in Norway. Model Y will only further strengthen Tesla's position in the country, as the Norwegian people prefer SUVs and compact SUVs.

The growth in electric vehicle sales in Norway is partly the result of government efforts to restrict the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles. The authorities intend to further increase taxes for owners of cars with internal combustion engines, as well as restrict their use on a number of streets in cities. Their broader goal is to ban the sale of new vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2025.

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