Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg Is First Taxi Company in Germany to Accept Dogecoin & Other Crypto as Payment

Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg Is First Taxi Company in Germany to Accept Dogecoin & Other Crypto as Payment

Photo: Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg

German taxi company Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg announced that it now accepts payments for rides in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. It is the first taxi company in Germany to adopt cryptocurrencies.

A few days ago, Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg made an announcement on Reddit that it is starting to accept Dogecoin as payment for using the service. The company's website states that Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg began accepting payments in cryptocurrency from May 30, 2021. Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg is now the first taxi in Germany to accept Dogecoin, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies as payment for services provided.

The introduction of such a payment method in a small company demonstrates how easy cryptocurrencies are to use. At the moment, all developed countries of the world have access to the Internet. So the clients can quickly and easily transfer cryptocurrency to the company's account using the wallet installed on their smartphone.

The taxi service has Model S and Model 3 in its fleet and offers a wide range of services in its region, from everyday trips to catering for special events. The adoption of cryptocurrencies makes Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg an even more interesting and innovative taxi service, and the company owner Stefan Müller says he is always open to new technologies.

The inspiration to start accepting cryptocurrencies was Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has been talking more and more about Dogecoin lately. Dogecoin itself differs from the usual cryptocurrency in its origin, as it is considered a fun coin with a large community behind it, which attracts the head of the manufacturer and owner of Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg. Apart from this, a significant benefit is that the Dogecoin network uses significantly less electricity than other cryptocurrencies.

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