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Tesla to Give NHTSA Access to FSD Beta after Being Asked for It

Tesla to Give NHTSA Access to FSD Beta after Being Asked for It

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Tesla will provide NHTSA with access to FSD Beta after they were asked about it in an email. Most likely they will receive the new version, 10.69, which will be released on August 20.

Tesla FSD Beta is a truly coveted feature that not everyone can get. While more than 100,000 Tesla owners already have access to it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is still trying to fit in perfectly to become a software tester. Since the body had not yet gained access, it decided to email Tesla, where they asked to consider giving them the function.

In an email posted by @WholeMarsBlog on Twitter, the NHTSA said it has traveled over 700 miles and has already achieved a Safety Score of 99 on its Tesla vehicle with FSD. The organization is asking for advice on what it can improve to qualify for FSD Beta. With the email seen directly by Elon Musk, NHTSA will soon have access to the feature, as the head of the company said the company will “turn it on.”

"With over 700 miles of driving this year and a Safety Score of 99 (including a score of 100 for the most recent 107 miles on Jan 21), we have not received the OTA update to fully enable FSD in our vehicle.

We request some of your time and expertise to assess our situation and help us understand what additional steps we need to take."

In just a few days, Tesla will start releasing the new version of FSD Beta 10.69. It is likely that NHTSA will receive this latest version, which will give them long-awaited access to feature testing. Studying it will give the body a more complete understanding of how FSD Beta works, and perhaps broaden their perspective, encouraging them to contribute to the development of technology instead of hindering it. It remains to be hoped that the software will be considered objectively, and biased representatives of the NHTSA, if any, will not be allowed to evaluate it.

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