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Tesla (TSLA) Board Member Hiro Mizuno: “Who, Elon or Warren, has more money doesn’t really matter”

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Hiro Mizuno, the newest member of the Tesla (TSLA) Board, had a few words to share after Elon Musk's estimated fortune surpassed Berkshire Hathway's Warren Buffett. Tesla stock hit a new record-high on Friday, closing at US$1,544.65, +10.78% up from the previous day. TSLA's market cap is now US$286.49 billion

According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk's fortune went up by US$6.1 billion on Friday when TSLA stock closed at US$1,544.65. Multiple media outlets reported that Musk's fortune now stands at US$70.5 billion with SpaceX contributing about US$15 billion. In comparison, Warren Buffett donated US$2.9 billion Berkshire Hathaway stocks to charity, reducing his own amassed fortune. 

While the majority of the world seems more focused on Elon Musk and Warren Buffett's fortunes and how much they have grown or decreased, Tesla Board member Hiro Mizuno provided his own take on the matter. "Who, Elon or Warren, has more money doesn't really matter," he said. 

"But how they made it and what they would use it for really matters. Making money with sweat and use it for future," Mizuno explained. In Musk's case, the bulk of his fortune was probably made from his work in SpaceX and Tesla. Some may argue that earning money from companies with goals that were deemed nearly impossible only a decade ago was a large feat to accomplish. 

SpaceX and Tesla aren't even close to 50% finished with their overall goals. SpaceX's goals are to reduce space transportation costs and colonize Mars. Both goals are within sight, but there is still a lot to do. Tesla wants to help the world's transition from a "mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy."

TSLA stock's 269% increase hints that the company might be headed towards the right direction, but it doesn't mean that Tesla has already accomplished its goals. Again, there is still a lot to do to help the world transition to a solar electric economy which is why there are TSLA bulls that see the stock going up, even more, to probably unfathomable values for bears.

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