Tesla Job Listings Open For Insurance Program In Germany & the UK


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Tesla posted job listings related to its insurance program for Europe and the UK recently on its Careers page. The job posts hint that the EV automaker could be taking the first steps towards pushing Tesla Insurance internationally. The move makes sense since Giga Berlin could start Model Y production in early 2021 if everything goes according to schedule.

Redditor u/space_s3x noticed the recently added job postings, dated May 27, 2020. Based on the listings, Tesla is looking for Program Managers for Europe and the UK to oversee its insurance products and underwriting. One of the Program Managers will be stationed in Berlin while the other will be primarily work in London.

One of the responsibilities listed for the underwriter positions was quite unique. "Forget the standard products the markets have offered for centuries and help to develop auto insurance for the 21st century tailored for Tesla owners making full advantage of the leading technology of our vehicles," wrote TSLA. 

Tesla is hiring Program Managers for Insurance Product in Germany and UK. from r/teslainvestorsclub

TSLA is also hiring a Program Manager for insurance pricing and data. This position is located in Berlin, and Tesla had one job listing for it. Based on one of the responsibilities listed, Tesla's pricing actuary program manager in Berlin will handle insurance products across Europe and the UK. As such, the pricing actuary job post has a broader list of responsibilities than the two underwriter positions.

Tesla Insurance Job Listings: 

For all three TSLA Insurance job listings, the company provided similar descriptions, as follows: 

"Tesla is looking for an exceptional and experienced pricing actuary to develop motor insurance products across our European markets and the UK. We are developing the next generation of insurance products protecting Tesla owners, enhancing their ownership experience, and lowering total cost of ownership. The Program Manager, (Pricing & Data or Product & Underwriting), will work alongside our underwriting, data science and engineering teams to rethink how a motor insurance product is best designed with the customer in mind first."

During TSLA's Q3 2019 Earnings Call, CFO Zachary Kirkhorn talked about Tesla Insurance's progress, and it's international expansion. However, he did not provide any specific timelines. 

"There's a bunch of work happening behind the scenes on improving the product, particularly the purchase flow, to make sure it's the best product experience for our customers. And we're also working very hard to get other states lined up in the States, and then also to launch in some countries internationally. So we're not able to provide specific timelines on those changes, but we're definitely working as quickly as we can, given how well-received Tesla Insurance has been in California," Kirkhorn said, replying to a question about Tesla Insurance.

Kirkhorn's reply was a general overview of Tesla's plans with its Insurance program with no concrete timelines. The recent job postings hint at how far along Tesla could be with its Insurance program. 

Tesla Insurance could be the company's next foray into another billion-dollar industry. Even more notable is the potential for Tesla to improve and innovate in an industry that has remained unchanged for quite some time.

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