A Tesla Thanksgiving Recipe: Fixins that TSLAQ Stubbornly Ignore


Just when you think Thanksgiving dinner is over, Tesmanian is bringing you back to the table. This time, for a big bite of what Tesla’s been serving. Bear with us through this tasty metaphor, and we promise not to disappoint.

Tesla’s vehicles are like the big, round, delicious turkey set right in the middle of the table. Like the turkey draws people to the Thanksgiving table, the Models S,3, and X entice droves of people to Tesla. Most people, especially TSLA shorts, miss the fixins in Tesla's recipe for success, though. Tesla isn’t just an automaker, its an innovator, and its “fixins” contribute just as much to the company as its electric cars. In this article, we would like to shed some light on Tesla’s other components, namely, Tesla Energy, its tech, Elon Musk, and the Tesla Community.

The Tesla Turkey - The Models S,3,X

tesla-model-s-3-xCredit: Tesla

People’s thoughts on Thanksgiving turkey are split, almost as much as people’s opinions of Tesla. Some think turkey meat can be dry, tough, bland, and is nothing without gravy. TSLAQ shorts are staunch critics of Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk, too. Even if there are sharp criticisms of Tesla, however, Tesla's electric cars are resilient on the market, much like the Thanksgiving turkey tradition.

Tesla’s Mashed Potatoes

tesla-energyCredit: Tesla

Tesla Energy and battery storage business is the mashed potatoes to the Model S, 3, and X. This component of the multi-faceted company is almost as integral as the turkey and mash potatoes combo for Thanksgiving. The media and TSLA skeptics don’t pay much attention to the company's energy business, even if legends in investing such as Ron Baron have stated that Tesla Energy will be worth $500 billion on its own in the future. Tesla has its own battery chemistry with its own dedicated production line in Gigafactory 1, which is operated in collaboration with Panasonic. This is something that Tesla's rivals do not have. 

Then there is Tesla's energy storage solutions, which has made significant waves in certain parts of the world, including Zimbabwe, Japan, and Australia. Recently, Tesla Powerwalls won the Smart Energy Excellence Award in Japan. In Australia, Tesla’s bigger battery storage units are slowly gaining more support. Tesla Energy is providing even more Powerpacks to the “Big Battery” in Hornsdale. Also, several residential Powerwalls in South Australia have formed a Virtual Power Plant that has already saved the grid after a peaker plant failed.

Tesla Stuffing

tesla-autopilotCredit: Tesla

The stuffing in Tesla’s vehicles is most definitely its technological innovations, which are found inside the company's electric cars. The company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) chip might be the most undervalued asset in Tesla’s arsenal. The chip was applauded for its achievements earlier this year in China’s 2019 World Internet Conference. Yet, it is something that many in Wall St., and most especially short-sellers, seem to be deliberately ignoring. 

The FSD chip is an integral part of Tesla’s path to real full self-driving capabilities and true Autopilot. All three of these, the FSD chip, Tesla’s full self-driving suite, and its Autopilot software contribute significantly to the company’s achievements in the autonomous driving sphere. ARK Invest's Cathie Wood predicted that TSLA stock will eventually hit US$6,000 per share, mostly because of its work on autonomous driving and other technological innovations.

Tesla Pie - CEO Elon Musk and Tesla's Other Innovators

elon-muskCredit: Pewdiepie/YouTube

Elon Musk is arguably one of the best parts of Tesla and could represent the best part of any dinner: dessert. Elon Musk draws people to the company through his witty comments, unapologetic personality, and-- most importantly--his drive. Ironically, those are probably the same attributes TSLA shorts hate about him.

But Tesla wouldn’t be the company it is today if Elon Musk didn’t have those characteristics. He didn’t start Tesla, but he did stick by it when it was facing bankruptcy. Elon Musk and other early Tesla-innovators kept the company going when no one else believed in them or Tesla’s cause. Musk, together with other key members of the Tesla team such as Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Director of AI Andrej Karpathy, make the company the force it is today. 

The Tesla Gravy that Puts Everything Together - The Tesla Community

tesla-communityCredit: My Tesla Adventure

As mentioned before, the turkey may not be to everyone’s liking, but put some gravy on it, and almost anybody will gladly eat it. Many people have bought Teslas partly because of the strong community surrounding Elon Musk and the company. There are some really good people--and pets--in the Tesla community who believe in the company’s real reason for existing. It’s a community that is supportive but critical, resilient but flexible, and compassionate to boot. The Tesla community is one part of the company that oozes throughout its entirety and will probably always be a part of the Tesla recipe.

Like Tesla Energy and the company's steady progress towards full self-driving, the value of the Tesla community is something that seems to be deliberately ignored by TSLA shorts. Yet, the community surrounding Tesla's electric cars and energy products is strong. This is the reason why Tesla has thrived primarily with just word of mouth. With each electric vehicle sold and each solar panel installed, the Tesla community grows bigger, and it's come to a point where Tesla has become an idea or a movement of sorts. We all know how difficult it is to battle an idea that's already taken root. 

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Happy Holidays from the Tesmanian Team!

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