Tesla unveils list of environmental measures in Brandenburg for Giga Berlin

Tesla unveils list of environmental measures in Brandenburg for Giga Berlin

Tesla unveiled its environmental measures before building the planned European Gigafactory 4 in Brandenburg.

The plans of the electric car manufacturer to create the first European plant have caused concern among environmentalists. Real estate near Grünheide in the Oder-Spree area has already been planned for the construction of the BMW plant about 20 years ago. Since then, however, plants and animals have spread unhindered in the environment — and environmentalists have called for a thorough assessment of the situation, rather than for quick deforestation. Tesla followed their request and is trying to do everything that is necessary in order to prevent possible harm to the environment.

Before building the planned Giga Berlin, Tesla wants to hang about 400 birdhouses and relocate several forest ants' nests. This follows from the list of environmental protection measures that the American company announced on Wednesday. In addition, reptiles must be moved and protected with protective fences. In addition, Tesla wants to compensate for deforestation by planting three times as many trees elsewhere.

Among other measures, the company conducted a search for bats on all trees in the area. They were found on only two trees. Specialists should relocate them to another habitat, and these two trees should not be cut down at present. In addition, lizards must be caught and moved.

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The Tesla plant is scheduled to begin production next year in accordance with the initial plans. At the moment, the company must clear 90 hectares of forest in order to begin construction of the first phase of the factory.

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