Tesla Urges Mississippians to Fight Harmful Bill that Bans Direct Auto Sales in the State

Tesla Urges Mississippians to Fight Harmful Bill that Bans Direct Auto Sales in the State

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Tesla is urging Mississippians to fight against a malicious bill that bans direct auto sales in the state. This bill will deprive local residents of the opportunity to freely purchase and service some cars, including those of Tesla, in their home state.

The detrimental House Bill 401—which would limit Tesla's growth opportunities in Mississippi and block direct sales of all automakers—is currently being considered by the state legislature. Therefore, the company is urging its customers to contact the State Senator and the Lt. Governor today and tell them to vote NO on HB 401. Tesla sent an email message to its customers and posted it on the Tesla Engage platform.

If this bill passes, Tesla will not be able to open any additional locations in Mississippi to serve its customers, and as a result, many local residents will be forced to travel out of state to buy the best-selling electric vehicles in the country. This will harm both current and future customers of the company, forcing them to either choose other automakers' vehicles that are sold through dealerships often at high markups or to accept the additional artificial hardships associated with buying and owning Tesla vehicles in the state. The company also emphasized that Mississippi should be focused on increasing income and jobs in the state, not on suppressing competition and limiting the ability of Mississippians to decide how and where they buy cars.

If you are a Mississippi resident, use these TOOLS to send a message to your State Senator and the Lt. Governor, sharing what this bill means to you and why it is bad for Mississippi.

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