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Tesla V3 Supercharging Network Worldwide Expansion (In Norway by March)

Tesla V3 Supercharging Network Worldwide Expansion (In Norway by March)

Tesla began construction of a new generation of V3 Superchargers in Norway.

The company began producing a new generation of Superchargers, almost 1 year ago. V3 is a completely new architecture. A new 1MW power cabinet with a similar design to Tesla's utility-scale products supports peak rates of up to 250kW per car. At this rate, a Model 3 Long Range operating at peak efficiency can recover up to 75 miles of charge in 5 minutes and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour.

According to Tesla, the first V3 Supercharger in Norway will be built in Liertoppen and will have 10 charging stalls. However, until the summer, the number of stalls should should increase to 40, which makes the Supercharger in Liertoppen one of the largest charging stations in Europe. contacted Tesla Norway public relations manager Even Sandvold Roland, who said they were eager to open the Supercharger in mid-March.

All chargers will only have a CCS connector, which is not available on S and X models. Tesla says the adapter comes as standard with all new vehicles, and is available to existing owners “at a limited cost”.


The price will be the same as before - 1.70 NOK ($0.18) per kilowatt hour for those Tesla owners who didn't include a premium when buying a car. All new stations that will be opened in Norway in the future will also be V3, says Roland.

At the moment, according to Tesla, in 2020 in Norway it is planned to open new Superchargers:

  • Alderfjord - planned 2020
  • Varangerbotn - scheduled for 2020
  • Karasjok - scheduled for 2020
  • Alta - Planned for 2020
  • Kautokeino - scheduled for 2020
  • Lofoten Islands - scheduled for 2020
  • Svolvaer - planned 2020
  • Bodo - planned 2020
  • Brekkvasselv - scheduled for 2020
  • Goal (West) - scheduled for early 2020
  • Hadeland - Planned for 2020
  • Liertoppen - scheduled for early 2020
  • Grenstel - planned 2020

Tesla is now actively installing V3 Superchargers around the world. It launched its first V3 Supercharger in Europe in the UK. The batch of eight V3 points are located at Tesla’s new Park Royal charging station in London.

Update: Eight stalls of V3 Superchargers will be also available in France too:

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