The Tesla App Will Get a Cleaner Look & New 3D Animations

The Tesla App Will Get a Cleaner Look & New 3D Animations

Image: TrevP'/Tesla Owners Online

Tesla will release an update to the app for better usability. New design, a cleaner look, and new 3D animations will make using the car and its functions even more enjoyable.

The Tesla App is the company's official app that allows owners to connect their smartphones directly to their vehicles, giving them access to a variety of remote-controlled features. It is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices. All Tesla owners have an app with which they can remotely control some of the car's functions or make purchases in the store. It also includes useful information such as current location, vehicle charging status, and may even warn if someone breaks into the vehicle.

As with any app, usability, user-friendly interface, and the range of functions it can provide are key criteria for users. Tesla has always strived to make its app as user-friendly and understandable as possible and is now updating it again. According to TrevP's post on Tesla Owners Online, the company will soon release an update to its app. He shared a few photos to give us a general idea.

Until the app is tested, it is difficult to say for sure what will be new in it. According to some opinions, this may just be a visual update, although it seems like there is more behind it. A profile icon appeared in the upper right corner, which is of the greatest interest.

Some community members have speculated that this may be the cloud profile that was discovered by Tesla hacker Green in February. He has found that Tesla is working to bringing its driver profiles to the cloud instead of existing in the cars, which would be very relevant before the launch of its Tesla Network ride-hailing app. Other members think that since the new icon has appeared in place of the Loot Box, it might be home to a list of owner's referrals, a cloud-based profile, and the ability to add a driver who has no driver settings. Anyway, once the updated app starts rolling out, we will get a better understanding of the new features, if any.

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