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Tesla Giga Shanghai Production Jumps to 5K Weekly & Will Accelerate in 2021 as Model Y Ramps

Tesla Giga Shanghai Production Jumps to 5K Weekly & Will Accelerate in 2021 as Model Y Ramps

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Last year, Tesla boldly entered the Chinese market and conquered it with a wonderful product and hard work. The company has earned the reputation of the most successful EV manufacturer in the largest automotive market in the world, as its Model 3 became the best-selling there in 2020.

Tesla began mass deliveries to its first customers in China in January 2020, and has had tremendous success in 12 months. Giga Shanghai has steadily ramped up production to meet market demands for Model 3. Last year, Tesla registered 139,925 Model 3s in China, making it the best-selling model in the EV market. The company has an 11% share in the EV segment in the largest car market in the world. In addition, Giga Shanghai has produced 7,000 vehicles for export.

Tesla's Q4 2020 Earnings Report states that the company's factory in China for the first time reached a production capacity of 5,000 units per week, which equates to approximately 250,000 Model 3s per year. Tesla has achieved great success, but do not forget that this success reflects the result of only the first year of work. In 2020, production at Giga Shanghai was only gaining momentum, and was not working at full capacity throughout the year, so we can only imagine how truly great Tesla's success will be in 2021, especially considering the start of production and sales of Model Y.

"We ramped Model 3 in China to over 5,000 cars per week and started production of Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai less than a year after breaking ground on the expansion."

According to the information provided by the company, for 2021, Giga Shanghai has an installed capacity to produce 450,000 Model 3/Ys per year. This means that the production capacity should reach more than 8,500 vehicles per week.

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